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NBDA US Bicycle Market 2019

NBDA US Bicycle Market 2019
$499.00 - $699.00


The National Bicycle Dealers Association, in partnership with Jay Townley, Human Powered Solutions, released the NBDA US Bicycle Market 2019 Overview Report on the state of the US specialty bicycle retailer market.

“The findings in this year’s report are key for new and prospective retailers who want to build a forward-thinking, sustainable business plan,” says Kent Cranford, NBDA Board chair.

The report also offers insight on how to make a net pre-tax profit on the sale of new bicycles—information that new and veteran independent bicycle dealers need as they seek to maximize their largest revenue stream.

“I’ve been researching and writing this report for 20 years, and I’ve watched with interest as participation in cycling has declined while the average value of a new bicycle has increased,” says Jay Townley, the report’s author. “The result? An increase in dollars per bicycle sold by specialty bicycle retailers in the US.”

Townley says he was surprised this year by the quantity of bicycle imports in 2019 as compared to retail sales. These findings provide important insight into importers’ response to punitive tariffs on imports originating in China. This year’s report also includes a second year of findings from the topics added last year: electric bikes, self-service bicycle rental, and the bike shop of the future.

To capture emerging and ongoing trends, the report draws upon a variety of data sources including US government agencies and bicycle industry organizations.

Retailers and other industry professionals can read a full analysis of these topics and more by purchasing a copy for $699 or $499 for NBDA members.

U.S. Bicycle Market 2019 Index

A. U.S. Participation in Bicycle Riding
B. Self-Service Bicycle Rental
C. Bicycle Riding and Consumption Per Thousand
D. Direct Effect U.S. Retail Sales
E. U.S. Market Consumption
F. The Rise of Electric Bicycles
G. U.S. Bicycle Imports
H. U.S. Bicycle Exports
I. U.S. Channels of Trade
J. Supplier Bicycle Sales to U.S. Bike Shops
K. Bicycle Brands by Channel of Trade
L. Specialty Bicycle Retail Bicycle Product Portfolio
M. The Return of U.S. Bicycle Manufacturing
N. What Will the Bike Shop of The Future Look Like?