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NBDA US Bicycle Market 2018

NBDA US Bicycle Market 2018
$299.00 - $399.00


In addition to the ongoing topics that have been included in the report since its inception in 2000, author Jay Townley has added three new sections that encompass ride share and its market impact, electric bikes, and the bike shop of the future.

“2018 was a seminal year for our industry in general and retailers in particular,” Townley said. “Many of the key trends that came to the fore were just wisps as recently as 2016.”

“The NBDA and its members will benefit from this market report that shows the statistical basis for the future, with definable trends based on high probability assumptions. I’m really excited to get this information out to the bike industry and broader-based users as well,” concluded Townley.

The price is $399, or $299 for members of the NBDA, available as a PDF file that will be sent to a valid e-mail address as an attachment. Older studies are listed in the on-line catalog and are available for a reduced price.