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NBDA U.S. Bicycle Market 2013 (PDF)

NBDA U.S. Bicycle Market 2013 (PDF)
$99.00 - $199.00


This 81-page report is a detailed market overview of the bicycle market in the United States and worldwide in 2013, compiled and written by industry consultant Jay Townley, principal with the Gluskin Townley Group LLC.

It includes information on imports, exports, the cycling population, channels of trade, retailers, sales by product category, top bicycle brands and niche products. The report is based on numerous individual studies and research reports, along with statistics from the U.S. Customs Department, as well as Delphi panels.

The report also includes tables and numerous charts. Price is $199, or $99 for members of the NBDA, available as a PDF file that will be sent to a valid e-mail address as an attachment.

List of Tables and Charts
Global Economic and Event Overview 2013
2013 U.S. Bicycle Industry Major Events
U.S. Participation in Bicycle Riding Bicycle Riding and Bicycle Consumption per Thousand
Direct Effect U.S. Retail Sales of Bicycle, Parts and Accessories
2013 U.S. Market Consumption of New Bicycles
U.S. Bicycle Imports
U.S. Bicycle Exports
Adult Bicycling Market
Channels of Trade
Specialty Bicycle Retailers
Channel Shipments to Bike Shops by Bicycle Product Category
Bike Shop Retail Channel: Bicycle Brand Lists
Bike Shop Retail Channel Product Portfolio
Top Tier U.S. Bike Shop Retail Suppliers and Brands
Niche Product Categories