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NBDA 2017 Specialty Bicycle Retail Study (PDF)

NBDA 2017 Specialty Bicycle Retail Study (PDF)
$149.00 - $429.00


The 2017 edition of the NBDA Specialty Bicycle Retail Study presents an in-depth profile of the retail marketplace in the United States. It covers the 2016 calendar year, and includes projections from retailers about their views of the market.

Many key aspects of bicycle retailers are covered in depth, including location and size of store, product category mix, brands carried, marketing, technology and challenges in business.

Business confidence questions cover such areas as supplier relations, protected market areas, mass merchants, mail order, employee issues (including wages), and competition from the Internet and mail order.

The U.S. Specialty Bicycle Retail report was conducted in first Quarter of 2017 and released in June 2017. A random sample of approximately 1500 specialty bicycle retailers were invited to participate, and the study is based on 332 usable surveys. The report is 250 pages long, including extensive charts and graphs. It is available only as a PDF file. The research was conducted by the Gluskin Townley Group for the NBDA.

Non-members may purchase the report for $429. Members of the NBDA may buy at the discounted price of $149. Older studies are listed in the on-line catalog and are available for a reduced price.

To review the table of contents and list of data tables, download the table of contents by copying and pasting this into your browser: