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NBDA 2010-11 Cost of Doing Business Study

NBDA 2010-11 Cost of Doing Business Study
$25.00 - $50.00


This is the year 2010-11 version of the NBDA's Cost of Doing Business study, conducted every two years.

It is based on actual financial reports of independent bicycle retailers, ranging in size from under $250,000 to over $1 million in annual revenues.

The study includes an introduction on interpreting the numbers, and is designed to serve as an easy-to-understand tool for bicycle dealers to evaluate their own operating results in order to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and find opportunities for improvement.

Included is information on profitability and inventory productivity, including gross margins and inventory turns. Space and personnel productivity are analyzed, along with financial management information and sales data, including sales by quarter.

Initial margins, realized margins and inventory turnover is presented for bicycles, clothing and other equipment.

And, there is a detailed analysis of operating expenses, including payroll, occupancy, advertising, and all other associated expenses, ending with average net operating profits or losses.

Price: $50. NBDA member price: $25, delivered as PDF file only.