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NBDA SuperWebinar Archives

A Multi-Tool For Your Business: Ten Tools To Increase Customer Loyalty And Profits Now


John Robinson, Biking Advocate and President of Johnny Velo Bikes offers a webinar with ten actionable strategies you can implement today with little effort or cost that will increase your customer loyalty, increase your profits, and reduce your expenses.

Advanced Financial Statements


Mike Barnidge, Credit Director at QBP Reading financial statements is one thing, but interpreting, understanding, and making key decisions based on that information is the next level. Turn on the analytical part of your brain in this deep dive into what your financial statements are telling you about the health of your business. Grab a cup of coffee (maybe two) and sharpen your pencil?this webinar will not be for the first timer.

How to Keep Customers Riding and Buying as we Return to the New Normal


It’s challenging to keep up with today’s new pace but even more important now than ever to engage with your customers in an authentic way. The same holds true no matter the size of your shop. Let’s face it …you’ve seen more business in the last 60 days than you saw all of last year. You are seeing new faces walk into your store and even more reach out online. Who are these new shoppers and how do you ensure you hold on to them for life? In the spirit of sharing best practices, lessons learned and in support of the bike industry, Ascent360 & Mike’s Bikes are joining together to debut this virtual program. 

Speaker Line up: Scott Buelter – CEO & President – Ascent360 & Eric Lucan – CMO – Mike’s Bikes

Supply in a Time of Uncertainty


Join the NBDA and Bob Margevicius, Executive Vice President at Specialized Bicycle Components, for a supply chain overview. Topics to include: -How the Chinese New Year, tariffs, and other delays set us off to a bad start.  -How did all of that affect inventory levels?  -What are the major disruptions that we need to overcome to get back to normal or close to normal levels?

Connecting with Customers in a Contactless World


Many IBDs have spent the crisis working harder than ever and experiencing record sales to brand new customers, but they are looking for ways to connect with these new customers long-term and keep them from venturing back to the big-box chains for their next purchase.  Jason Windsor from Retail Toolkit will share practical ways bike retailers can leverage digital tools right now to build meaningful ongoing relationships with customers beyond the initial purchase and turn them into fans for life.

A year in review, and how to move our industry forward in our COVID-19 impacted world


Join the NBDA and NPD for a presentation of current bicycle industry sales data and reports, including COVID-related impacts. The webinar will include the year in review, COVID-19 growing categories, and 3 ways to leverage these new opportunities.

Finding Focus with Mike Sinyard


Mike Sinyard is the founder and chairman of Specialized Bicycle Components. When it comes to business, Mike has witnessed almost every possible scenario.  This pandemic is unprecedented, but the challenges we face as owners are not insurmountable.  Mike will stop by to discuss how he finds his focus and leads during a crisis. During these times when you are overworked and exhausted, it can be hard to maintain workflow and service standards. We hope that this conversation will not only inspire you but also rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit and fuel your fire as a leader.

Cross Category Learning – What can bike, outdoor, and paddle businesses learn from each other?


Join in on this unique panel discussion that showcases the different ways retailers are solving for the COVID crisis in their areas and in their sectors. Special emphasis will be placed on coping tactics to survive and thrive in a ‘Shelter In Place’ environment and opportunities to expand audience as social re-emergence unfolds and those who have discovered/re-discovered the outdoors fuel a revival of sorts? Big Takeaway - How can we use this opportunity to expand our reach?  Moderated by Kenji Haroutunian,  Outdoorvangelist and Inclusivity Advocate,

Selling Online with SmartEtailing


Ryan Atkinson from SmartEtailing will offer a brief overview of IBD online sales during the last 6 weeks to offer context for all attendees. He will then review the basics of selling online with SmartEtailing and include insights into situational specifics like online customer service, curbside pickup, and supplier drop ship programs.

Improving customers' biking experience - Influencing transportation policy in the age of COVID-19


When people enjoy biking, not just because of the inherent joy of being on a bike but also because the streets feel safer, they will bike more. This webinar with the League of American Bicyclists will cover how the organization is trying to shape bicycle-friendly federal policy. Congress continues to develop COVID-19 emergency relief and stimulus packages, as well as a long-term transportation bill. Caron Whitaker with the League will help NBDA members understand how they can play a part in ensuring policy benefits the bike community, and in reaching out to people who, because of stay at home orders and unsafe transit, are getting back on their bikes for the first time in years.

Reaching Customers at a Social Distance with Gearo


Justine Barone, Founder and CEO of Gearo will share how retailers are using Gearo Automator to stay connected with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Join this webinar to learn how to best utilize an online platform to keep foot traffic coming to your shop and provide customers their gear safely.

Tapping into new stream of customers to grow your business


Neil Macc, VP Network Development of Beeline Connect, will share an overview of the Beeline Connect Fulfillment software. Wonder how you can drive new customers into your business and tap into the growing number of online bicycle purchases? Join this webinar to see how you can market your business across e-commerce sites and get paid to service new customers.

911 For You and Your Small Business


Get paper and pencil and get ready to take a lot of notes as we are going to have an intense session on how to protect yourself and your bike shop financially during the Covid 19 challenge. We will show you how to get cash into your business in a short period with a sizable amount of the funds being provided by the SBA with no repayment required! 

We will look at expense cutting, dealing with vendors and landlords, and banks. We will discuss how to change how you are letting your customers know you are there for them. If you participate in one webinar, this will surely be the one to listen to as it will have a major impact on the future of your bike shop.

Using Online Service Scheduling to Manage Interaction During COVID-19


Neil Macc, VP Network Development of Beeline Connect, will share an overview of the new, free Beeline Connect Schedule software. Want to allow your customers to see your service availability 24/7, setup service dropoff and pickup days, or enable a mobile component to your business? Join this webinar to see how you can integrate service scheduling on your existing website, manage Rider appointments, and see the Rider's experience during signup.

Key Communication Strategies During the COVID 19 Crisis


Kristin Carpenter, CEO and Founder of Verde Brand Communications and host of the Channel Mastery podcast, will share a communications framework created to empower specialty brand and retail leaders to effectively communicate during the COVID-19 crisis.

Maximize your Return on Digital and Email Marketing


Join the NBDA and Firedrum Email Marketing for a discussion on how you can use digital and email marketing to your best advantage.  Topics to include:

  • Local digital marketing and how Google displays certain keywords, like "bike shop" or "bike repair", with the Google maps entries on top.
  • How to grow your rank to try to be in the top 3 map results.
  • How to use digital and physical email capture forms to convert anonymous visitors into buyers both online and in-store.
  • How sending emails regularly can generate a return, give you more data on your contacts, and how it works alongside other digital marketing efforts.
  • Simple email campaigns you should be doing     - Welcome email auto send/drip sequence
  • Monthly or quarterly educational, entertaining, or personal content
  • Birthday Emails

R.I.D.E.S. (Ride It Daily Extended Service): The Art of Selling Service Contracts


R.I.D.E.S. (Ride It Daily Extended Service): The art of selling service contracts. You can attach R.I.D.E.S. to between 20% and 70% of every bike you sell. There are definite do’s and don’ts when offering.   Tune in for some “Special Sauce” and scripts that are proven winners.

R.I.D.E.S. (Ride It Daily Extended Service): How to Satisfy the Three Reasons you are in Business


How to Satisfy the three reasons you are in business: Revenue/Profit for the Sales and Service sides of your business,  Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Retention. Find out how a successful Service Contract program improves your business outlook.

Federal Policy Advocacy for Bike Retailers


PeopleForBikes will host its annual retailer fly-in on March 24-25, 2020 in Washington, D.C. Retailers will help advance federal funding and policies for bike infrastructure programs while connecting with their elected officials and staff in Congress.

How to take a gun to a knife fight - Design tips that'll give your store an unfair advantage


How’s an independent retail store supposed to compete with the big guys these days? How can I make my own store as engaging as the national brands/stores? And how the heck can I make my store’s brand stand out without spending zillions of dollars? If you’re asking questions like these, this webinar is just what the doctor ordered for you! In this fun presentation Brian Hawkins (the leader of Fixture Lab), will take us through a treasure trove of retail store design tips and best practices that the leaders in retail use every day. It’ll be like getting the keys to unlock the store you’ve been dreaming about.

NPD Holiday Trends


Dirk Sorenson from NPD joined us to discuss the Holiday trends he expects this season, plus trends he has seen in the kids' bikes category.  Tune in for an informative session.

Going Above & Beyond with the Bicycle Friendly Business Program


Of course every bike shop is friendly to bikes, but what does it take for a local bike shop to become certified as a Bicycle Friendly Business SM (BFB) by the League of American Bicyclists? Why would a customer choose a bike shop with a BFB designation, and what's the difference between a shop that earns Bronze-level BFB status and Platinum status? 

The BFB program can help your shop build a network of bike educators and advocates for bicycling, reach more customers, spread more bike joy, and advocate for better bicycling in your community. Over the last 11 years, the League’s BFB program has helped over 300 local bike shops across the country go above and beyond the standard "bikes are our business" model and become the heart of growing and empowering their local bicycling community. Please join us to learn how the BFB program has worked for others and what it can do for your employees, your customers, and your community. 

Learn more at

Bicycle Friendly Business is a Service Mark of the League of American Bicyclists. Used with permission.

Get a Jumpstart on Holiday Sales


With the holiday season approaching we will focus on how you can use social media and email marketing to drive customers to your website. There will be a quick refresher on how much online shopping consumers will do this holiday season and then offer practical ways for your business to capture some of that business by speaking to your current audience.  

This presentation will be brought to you by Ryan Atkinson, President of SmartEtailing.  A SmartEtailing website is an extension of your physical store, attracting new shoppers and engaging with existing customers. SmartEtailing websites are fully automated, integrated with cycling suppliers, and have the shopping features modern consumers appreciate. New members qualify for discounts on SmartEtailing website packages and services. Find the member offer here:

Project Bike Tech - Opportunites for Retailers


We know retail is tough and that you need every tool in the box to continue to make your business grow and prosper. Mercedes Ross, having consulted with hundreds of bicycle retailers and the outdoor industry over the last 30 years is now the executive director of Project Bike Tech, which teaches high-school level bicycle mechanics classes in 12 schools in seven states.  We're changing student’s lives and giving you an opportunity to get involved in your community and help your business in the process.  

Project Bike Tech (PBT) uses bicycle education as a conduit to teach core academics, enhance lives, create career opportunities and inspire new generations to be passionate about bikes and sustainability. It is the only program of its kind in the country and it is the on-ramp for young adults to develop a life-long engagement with the bicycle lifestyle while learning key academic concepts.  Students leave our course also knowing the basics of portfolio and project building, resume writing and interview tactics as well as the fundamentals of retail.  

RIDES: Ride It Daily Extended Service


Additional Revenue. Customer Satisfaction. Customer Retention. The NBDA is proud to partner with Ensure Protect so that we can offer their Ride It Daily Extended Service (RIDES) warranty program to our retailer members.  This is the webinar from September 17th that explains the program and why you want to offer it in your shop.

Merchandising Your Website


What does it mean to merchandise your online store? Why is it important and how do the best retailers do it? Ryan Atkinson will show you how companies like REI, Target, and Best Buy merchandise their homepages and how bike shops can use the same techniques on the SmartEtailing platform. While the presentation is framed around the SmartEtailing platform, the techniques are applicable for other content management platforms as well.

Being the Bike Shop of the Future is all About Being a Great Retailer of Today


Today’s retail world is not for the faint of heart. Bike shops are under pressure that they historically weren’ be legitimate retail leaders in terms of the product they offer, the people they employ and the style/brand experience they offer. The great shops these days pay close attention to the retail trends outside the bike world and create experiences for their customers that rival the best retail from any category out there. In this fun presentation, industry veteran Brian Hawkins will share a ton of insights into the trends that bike shops should be paying attention to, and what the great bike shops of today and tomorrow will look like.

Bike Shop Website Basics - Hosted by SmartEtailing


Customers discover and interact with your business online before they even walk through your door. By following a few simple best practices you can ensure that your business is easy to find and your potential customers have a positive first impression. Ryan Atkinson from SmartEtailing will present a webinar that will be relevant to all bike shops, not just those with a SmartEtailing website.