NBDA Bike Shop Advantage PR Program
Press Release Templates


These templates are in two formats: the press release or the less formal media story proposal. They are designed to let you easily adapt them for your own local use.

Just fill in the blanks, replace the text in red, or rewrite the text to match your needs.

Some templates have much or all of this text provided. Others require you to provide the bulk of the information yourself. All of them suggest the appropriate format and flow of information. You can revise them and customize them as you see fit.

These templates are based on documents proven to secure media coverage on recurring or seasonal topics. When used along with the Retailer Guide to Free Media Exposure, they will help you secure coverage and draw foot traffic to your shop.


Bike Comfort Release a press release that directly addresses a major new rider objection to cycling – discomfort – and uses it as a starting point for how proper fit, retailer advice and bike advances have made cycling more comfortable than ever.

Spring Menu of Story Ideas –  –  an email story proposal suggesting several first-of-spring bike stories that a fitness or recreational reporter might want to do.  It can be used anytime, but is most appealing when cycling season begins. This is a good example of a brief multi-story proposal.

Safe Riding Event Release – a press release suggesting a retailer event teaching children to ride safely. This is a template for any event and a good way to reinforce a retailer’s community ties.

Local Statistics Release - a press release suggesting how a retailer can use local bike usage statistics – even if those stats do not originate from their shop – as a way of creating a leadership position in the community.

How To Buy a Bicycle – a most basic press release demystifying the process of purchasing a bicycle and underscoring retailer service. This is an “evergreen” story appropriate for consumer reporters, recreational reporters, fitness reporters, etc.

Top Rides Press Release – a press release where a local shop announces its list of the top riding locations in the community. The media loves “best of” lists and who better to know the best rides than a local bike shop. A leadership-building release. Customize if BMX, Freeride or other styles are prevalent in your community.

Bike Television Menuthis media proposal suggests a variety of visual story ideas for feature reporters at local television stations or magazine-style television shows that feature local lifestyle or outdoor activities. Invent your own ideas to mix and match the story ideas. The idea is to give the media a choice.

Green Story Proposalthis is an all-purpose story proposal to use whenever Green stories are in the news, particularly when related to gasoline increases, traffic congestion, etc. The key is to set yourself up as an expert on the topic and have the focus of the segment be about the equipment necessary for bike commuting.               

New Breed of Bike 2007A media proposal centering on the comfort bike or the coasting bike. This plays off the April, 2007 Associated Press article “Bicycle-makers woo non-riders with bikes that shift automatically.”

As you can see, it is always best to skew toward stories that will be appealing to the new rider (comfort, ease of use). This, rather than the esoteric topics covered in enthusiast press (bike racing, finite technical advances), is an optimal approach to attract new customers, which is our overall goal.

Using these releases as a starting point, what other press release or story proposal ideas can you think of?