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We’re pleased to offer expert business consulting services to all interested NBDA members. We’ve partnered with David DeKeyser, author of the Positive Spin series on Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, to provide you with personalized business coaching that is relevant and specific to the bicycle retail industry.

Talk to David and learn how you can refine your business strategy in our ever-changing retail environment and improve your retail business operations to grow and succeed. David will meet with you on the phone or via web conferencing, making these consulting sessions convenient and affordable.

Consulting fees are $120/hour with no ongoing commitment necessary.

The process:

  1. Gather financial data from your accounting software or accountant for review.
  2. Interview with David for 1 to 1.5 hours to gain a better understanding of your business and your goals.
  3. Benchmark your KPI’s, summarize your business’s strengths/weakness and restate the goals.
  4. Develop a basic action plan that can be acted upon fairly quickly that should yield positive results.  

Additionally the consultations may identify areas that will likely take time to implement such as:

  • improving occupancy expenses by exploring other lease options
  • improving relationships with or changing vendors 
  • planning for the opening of a new, or purchase of an existing business and the sale or closing of business  

Retailers may also wish to use these services as a simple sounding board for anything they may be experiencing. At times a confidential conversation with a neutral party who has most likely experienced similar issues, can really help with seeing potential solutions that might not be initially apparent.

Ready to Get Started?

About David DeKeyser

My name is David DeKeyser and my wife Rebecca Cleveland and I sold our highly profitable bike shop in DePere Wisconsin on 2/28/19.

We owned the shop and commercial real estate for 18 years and were profitable every year we were open. Prior to owning The Bike Hub I had been with Stadium Bike in Green Bay for 10 years and spent the last 5 years there as the General Manager of three stores. Myself and the eventual buyer of The Bike Hub tried to purchase that business, but could not come to terms. After being involved in a company with multiple stores and for two years an off-site spring sale I had ideas about running a business aimed at primarily profitability and a great customer service experience. In 18 years we never ran a spring/summer/fall sale etc. we resisted the urge to open another location successfully many times as well. We wanted to have a certain quality of life and engineered that into our decisions on how the business was run.

The unfortunate part about all of the above was my wife and I had always held our desire to live in the Western USA in check to own and operate our business. We knew that eventually, we would relocate and for various reasons the timing became right for us to sell. Based on our profits, and prime retail spot it was a fairly seamless transition to sell to my old partner and competitor. We have since relocated to Fruita Colorado.

I have a streak in me that makes me question things and ask “what if” and “why” on a regular basis. I experimented often with things in our business always aimed at being as profitable as possible while delivering a great customer-focused experience. The phrase that did and still does drive me crazy is “do you know how to make a million in bicycle retail? Start with two!” I feel many in our industry view retail as a noble cause, but do not feel it is a great way to earn a living. I believe and know first hand that bicycle retail can provide a great living, perhaps better than many retailers realize.

 I would love to learn more about you and your business, please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about my services or to get started.