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NBDA Dealer Forum

What is the NBDA Dealer Forum?

The NBDA Dealer Forum is one of the bicycle industry's best networking resources for bicycle retailers. It is designed to help NBDA member retailers stay connected to share information, inspiration and explore a wide range of topics related to the bicycle retail business. The Forum has been hosted by the NBDA in several formats since 1999, moving to V Bulletin in 2016.

Who can participate?

The NBDA Dealer Forum is open to "dealer" members of the National Bicycle Dealers Association. Membership requires qualification as a "dealer" and payment of NBDA annual dues, $195. No additional fees are required to participate in the Forum.

NBDA "dealer" members must be retailers of bicycles, accessories and service who do business from a physical store. All members must be active in the business with at least 50% of their sales related to cycling. If you are not an owner or manager of a specialty bicycle retail store, please do not attempt to join the forum. By applying for membership, you pledge that you are the owner or manager of a specialty bicycle retail store as described above, and a current member of the NBDA. If non-retailers are found to be on the forum, the NBDA reserves the right to remove them. NBDA staff members will also be in the forum, in addition to a limited number of advisers at the discretion of the administrator.

How do I sign up?

To join the forum go to and follow the links to sign up. Use your real name as user name so we'll know who you are, and so we can verify current NBDA membership and eligibility as a bicycle dealer. Once you submit your registration, your request will not become active until approved by the administrator.

What are the rules?

The NBDA Dealer Forum is sponsored by the NBDA for purposes of education and general discussion among specialty bicycle retailers. We encourage open communication, but have a few rules:

1. Respect antitrust laws. Participants must refrain from discussions that might violate federal antitrust laws, including discussions that might tend to raise, lower or stabilize prices, regulate production, allocate markets, encourage boycotts, foster unfair trade practices, assist in monopolization or in any way violate federal, state or applicable international trade regulations or antitrust laws. The list manager reserves the right to remove anyone who may be seen to violate the anti-trust policy of the NBDA.

2. No forwarding. This is a "closed" forum. Forwarding postings to non-forum members is prohibited without the author's express written permission. All members pledge that they will not forward posts to non-group members. The list manager will remove anyone for forwarding posts to non-forum members without the author's permission. Despite this precaution, group members should be aware that security of postings within the forum cannot be guaranteed.

3. Please be polite. Messages are not screened by the administrator before posting. The administrator requires that participants treat each other with respect. Those who are combative, inconsiderate or otherwise demeaning to other people will be suspended or removed by the administrator.

4. Identify yourself. We ask forum members to identify themselves in their posts, in order to make networking easier. Anonymous postings are not allowed. Please use your name, store name, city and state in all posts. Once you have established your account, you may set up a signature line that will appear on all your posts, as well as an avatar.

5. Protect yourself. We ask that all forum members install and use an up-to-date anti-virus program on their computers.

6. Focus on the bike business. We also urge all members to restrict their subjects to the bicycle industry, the bicycle business, and bicycle-related topics. Overtly commercial posts are not appropriate at any time, and off-topic messages should be posted to Off Topic and Personal Forum. We ask all members to use discretion in discussing political, religious or other subjects that may offend others.


For specific issues pertaining the the NBDA Dealer Forum send questions to the list manager: