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Electric Bikes

Amplify Your Sales Floor

Electric bikes, e-bikes, pedal assist bikes, however your customers refer to them, they are a growing segment within cycling. The video included here will help your sales staff understand and explain the basics of e-bikes to your customers and empower your customers to feel confident shopping with you.

For stores with SmartEtailing websites, a consumer facing e-bike page containing this video is available in the SmartEtailing page library.

Electric Bike Key Categories

Commuter Electric Bikes


If you're already strong in the commuter space, adding e-bikes will boost your sales there. Promote e-bikes to commuters to extend their commutable range, arrive at work feeling fresher, and make it home to their family more quickly in the evenings.

Recreational Electric Bikes

Recreational Riders

Pedaling a bike is easy for almost everybody but not everybody. Neighborhood rides, bike paths, and getting outside with friends and family becomes that much easier with a little extra boost from an e-bike. Now everyone can ride!

Off Road Mountain Electric Bikes

Off Road Riders

More trails are being opened to e-bikes every month. Mountain bikers looking to conquer tougher challenges and longer rides will quickly move to e-bikes. New riders will gravitate to e-bikes and the confidence that comes along with the extra power.

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