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Advocacy and NBDA

Promoting the Passion for Cycling

The NBDA is committed to advocating the use of bicycles for both recreation and transportation in a variety of ways.

National Bike Summit

The NBDA strongly urges all bicycle retailers to attend the annual National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C., produced by the League of American Bicyclists. This event presents a great opportunity for the industry and advocates to work for the future of cycling in America!

The League is also a great resource for bicycle advocacy and education. For more details click HERE.

IMBA: International Mountain Bicycling Association

The NBDA is an enthusiastic supporter of IMBA, the International Mountain Bicycling Association, and supports its mission to create, enhance and protect great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide.  To learn more, visit NBDA members are encouraged to support IMBA and can join for a 25% discount, just $75 for NBDA retail member dealers. Join here. Retailer members benefit from good relationships with IMBA chapters and affiliated clubs — partners in helping grow mountain biking. IMBA also leverages dealer support by partnering with local, state and federal officials and land managers to accomplish more than a single store could independently.


On September 18, 2013, Bikes Belong rebranded and changed its name to PeopleForBikes. The primary reason? To provide clear, easy-to-understand leadership for the U.S. bike advocacy movement under a single, powerful brand--one that has already attracted 770,000 individual supporters. The new PeopleForBikes will continue Bikes Belong's time-tested work to get more Americans bicycling more often. Bike industry suppliers and distributors will continue to pay PeopleForBikes (formerly Bikes Belong) Coalition dues, but the terms of PeopleForBikes retail membership have changed.

Retailer members will no longer be required to pay annual dues, but will commit to promoting individual PeopleForBikes membership (which is currently free for basic members) by displaying a point-of-purchase kit and by sending occasional emails to their customer lists. Retailers will also be asked to support the new PeopleForBikes Retail Roundup program in which customers are asked to round up their purchases to the next dollar to support PeopleForBikes and its efforts to improve bicycling for all Americans.

The new PeopleForBikes will continue to recognize all current dues-paying retailer members for a period of 12 months following their latest payment. New PeopleForBikes retailer member decals (and point-of-purchase display kits) are being sent (in early October 2013) to all current members.

The PeopleForBikes staff is available to answer all questions, comments and concerns. Please email Mitch Marrison ( or call him at (303/449-4893, ext. 416).

Local bicycle advocacy

The NBDA encourages local advocacy by retailers to promote the use of the bicycle and the important value-added services available from specialty bicycle retailers.

Bicycle retailers represent a powerful voice for cycling in their communities and on a national level because of both their passion and their importance as small businesspeople to the nation's economy.

Here are links to three "best practices" success stories of how specialty bicycle stores have become involved in powerful local advocacy and promotion to improve the conditions for bicycling in their markets. Watch this section for additional profiles. Advocacy can contribute to business success!

The major rides in Stillwater, Oklahoma

Middle-school kids race in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Employees leave their cars behind in Boulder, Colorado

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