About the NBDA

The National Bicycle Dealers Association has represented specialty bicycle dealers in the United States since 1946. The non-profit association offers numerous programs for dealers, with an emphasis on education, research, communication and advocacy. Also included are credit card programs and shipping discount programs. The NBDA publishes a monthly newsletter for its members. The NBDA produces a series of educational seminars at the Interbike Expos, which it sponsors, produces an annual series of regional seminars, and conducts research and advocacy. Dues, per year, are $195 for retailers, $125 Mobile Bike Shops, $850 for companies associated with the bicycle industry with over $1,000,000 per year in sales; $550 for smaller manufacturers and reps. 

The NBDA's Mission: To Strengthen The Specialty Bicycle Retailer

This mission is accomplished through...

  • Communicating the value and needs of the specialty bicycle retailer
  • Enhancing the specialty bicycle retailer's profitability
  • Promoting the passion for cycling.

Vision: Leading Bicycle Retailers to Excellence

This vision is accomplished through...

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • Member discount programs
  • Promotion of the specialty bicycle retailer

STATEMENTS FROM THE NBDA (click link to read):

> Statement of Values

> The Vital Role of the Local Bicycle Dealer

> The NBDA Supports Fair Sales Tax Legislation

> The NBDA Encourages Support for Companies that Support Independent Bicycle Dealers

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