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The Vital Role of the Local Bicycle Dealer

The NBDA believes that both the profession and the customer are best served when the new bicycle is professionally assembled by the dealer and delivered in person to the customer.


The local dealer is best suited to assess the customer’s needs and make the proper recommendations regarding the style of bike that will best serve the customer.  The dealer is also best qualified to make an informed size recommendation after interacting with the customer in person. The local bicycle retailer can also make prudent recommendations that consider the customer’s budgetary limitations.


The mechanical staff of the local bicycle shop has both the experience and the specialty equipment required to properly assemble each new bicycle to insure safe operation and reliable performance.  The local dealer can also prevent predictable mechanical problems by providing a complimentary adjustment period for the new bicycle owner through the break in period.


The staff of the local bicycle shop is best suited to provide hands on instructions in the proper use of the gears, brakes, and quick release wheel mechanisms as well as to advise the consumer on proper care and maintenance of the new bicycle. The local dealer has the additional expertise and equipment to make the needed adjustments to insure that the right frame size becomes the right customized fit for the customer.


The new cyclists is best served by establishing a relationship with the local bicycle dealer  as the local dealer is able to provide ongoing advice on becoming a safe and proficient cyclist.  The local dealer has solutions to the problems that often discourage new cyclists from becoming life long cyclists.  Periodic visits to the local dealer can uncover minor mechanical issues that otherwise could become major hazards that could result in injury or death.


Purchasing a new bicycle in a box over the internet is no more likely to lead to a safe and enjoyable cycling experience than conversing with a physician over the phone is likely to lead to a proper medical diagnosis and an effective drug prescription. 


The NBDA believes that the local bicycle dealer adds significant value to the selection, assembly, fit, and ongoing maintenance of a new bicycle.  That value cannot be duplicated by any outlet that trades a bike in a box for a customer’s money.