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Our Statement of Values

The NBDA believes the profession of the independent bicycle dealer (IBD) is best served when the actions of our member dealers are guided by noble business values.  While many ethical business principles are universal, the following values apply specifically to the bicycle retail trade. 


1. The IBD delivers quality cycling solutions.  The bicycle dealer has an obligation to recommend products that enhance the safety, convenience, and comfort of our customer’s cycling experience.  Our professional recommendations should consider proper style, size, and durability expectations of the bicycle as well as making good accessory recommendations to insure the cyclists is equipped for all anticipated challenges.


2. The IBD delivers product support.  The bicycle dealer has an obligation to provide mechanical support for the products we sell including professional assembly of new bicycles, competent diagnosis of mechanical problems, and repair and routine maintenance of bicycles.


3.  The IBD cares about the environment.  The independent bicycle dealer should consider the environment in all aspects of our business operations and we should encourage our suppliers to behave in an environmentally responsible manner.


We serve a clientele that use our products to minimize their impact on the planet.  We should support their efforts by reducing waste, reusing items when practical, recycling recyclable items, and employing policies that minimize our business’s impact on the environment.


When safe and appropriate conditions exist, we should adopt policies that encourage our employees to lead by example by biking to work.


4. The IBD advocates for safer cycling conditions.  While it is in our financial best interest to encourage a safer cycling environment, it is also the right thing to do.  As local business leaders we have a uniquely powerful voice with government decision makers. 


By supporting advocacy efforts to shape local policy favorable to cycling, and to provide funding for improved cycling facilities, we not only improve our bottom line, we make a positive difference in our community. 


The NBDA encourages our dealer members to lead by example by working for improved cycling conditions at the local, state, and national levels and to support the cycling advocacy work of other established organizations with similar goals.


5. The IBD cares about our employees.  As small business owners we have opportunities to create great work environments for our employees. 


We should reward our employees fairly, extend opportunities for professional growth, and constantly strive to find the best fit within our organization for the skills our employees bring to the job.


 In every facet of our employee interactions we should always remember to respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person.


6. The IBD understands that for some the bike means more than just recreation.  Because of the universal appeal of the bicycle we serve a diverse clientele.  While many of our customers use their bicycle for recreational and fitness purposes, others rely on their bicycle as their only means of transportation.  These clients are typically of limited means and often depend on their bicycle for their employment. 


While we are entitled to charge a fair price for our merchandise and our expertise, we should also be observant of opportunities when a small gesture on our part can make a big difference to the customer who depends on a bike for his or her livelihood.


7. The IBD partners with those who support the IBD.  As independent business owners, we need strong partnerships with vendors that understand the challenges of small retailers.  Vendors that choose distribution strategies that provide the brick and mortar retailer the opportunity to earn a fair profit through the sale of their merchandise deserve our support.


8. United we stand.  Independent bicycle dealers often find themselves in competitive situations with fellow dealers in their market.  It is in the best interest of the profession, our customers, and our communities if we play fair and work together.   


Competing on excellent service and unique product offerings, while maintaining profitable pricing strategies, makes everyone a winner.  Occasionally assisting a fellow dealer with needed merchandise or just recommending a customer to other local dealers when they are best suited to meet their needs, generates goodwill with our customers and our fellow dealers.